[tips] How to improve your web design?

We all perfectly know that web design is firs thing  your visitor is looking at. Content doesn’t matter when “box” isn’t catchy. If your goal is to interest client/reader/visitor for a while – follow my tips and everything should be perfect.

Web design advices - DrupalART First of all – logo. When your client lands on your website and wants to stay on it he want’s to see logo which he can remember. If you don’t have skills to do professional logo for your own, hire graphic. This kind of investment is very important to improve your brand. Even the best product without good logotype won’t sell. The same situation is here – on the internet.

Menu – compass for visitors. If your menu isn’t designed well – your client will see homepage and homepage only. Do you like that kind of scenario? No? I thought so. Many UX specialists say that intuitive designed menu, placed horizontally and located on the top of website is the best solution and generating the best effect of time which visitor spends on your website.

German people say “Ordnung must sein” (Order must be) and they have right. Chaos is good only when we created it ourselves. In other case… we can easily lost in it. Analogical situation we have when we are talking about websites. Well ordered content, adverts, photos, blank space – all is important to have optimal proportions.

A few words before I’ve mentioned blank space. Yeah, it is crucial as well. Proper spaces between elements of website let your visitor “breathe”. If everything is too close each other – it is hard to look at it. When something is hard, visitors will leave your service.

Another part of your website are colors. It should be used very carefully – to much color can destruct all your work. Whole color palette should be toned and some important elements should have “harder” color.

As I said before – professional look is basic. When you are writing a blog don’t hesitate to spend some dollars on good, stock photographs. If you have flat design on your website – buy icons. And when you are selling something – hire a professional photograph. Or perform good looking photos for your own. It has to be pro – remember.

Even when you are handling IT blog/website don’t use sophisticated, technical fonts. Font is a way to pass information, it can not be complicated! Simple transfer of data is really crucial.  

I hope that few things cleared your mind a little. If you have any question – just write me an e-mail.



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