5 simple steps to make your laptop noiseless

Have you ever thought about why your laptop is so loud? In most cases people just think that is how pc works – loud. Unfortunately they don’t have right. We can make our little, machine friend more quiet. And it not necessary will be expensive, in most cases you don’t have to visit any service. Your technical skills don’t have to be on high level – it’s easy. Ok, stay focused and prepare for our 5 tips to world of peace and quiet.

  1. Think about where you use your laptop. Remember that lower temperatures make your vent system more effGood cooling system is very importanticient. Of course no one says that you have to keep it in fridge. Just make sure you are not use it in bed or on the desk with leg warmer underneath it.
  2. Don’t struggle your PC. Commonly known fact is – everything which is alive have to breathe. Think about your little electronic friend as it is REAL, alive friend. And know… locate his nose and mouth. Have it? Most laptops have ventilation systems intakes located on the bottom. This is another example why we shouldn’t use them in bed.
  3. I hope you don’t stopped thinking about your PC as it is human being. No? Good. Let’s continue basic of existence – hygiene. Everyone have to clean himself – sooner or later, if no… viruses and diseases will eat you alive. We can observe the same thing when we are talking about computers. When too much dust will get into cooling system – it become noisy and hot. When become hot it can broke. Easy.
  4. If you like your laptop you can buy him a gift. Invest in this special plate called external cooling plate. If you are using your computer mostly in one specific place – this will be great solution. These cooling pads are quiet and have great influence to life of your favorite PC.
  5. Do you know what makes the biggest noise in your laptop? Is it cooling system? Is it DVD? Is it keyboard – no! This is your hard drive. In the most cases hard drives installed as default in laptops are poor quality and they get used to fast. When that hdd becomes old is start to yell. Sometimes that screams are very scary. The best solution in  that case is toInvest in proper cooling system replace old man and give yourself a little bit moment of peace.

I hope that piece of article will help someone of you. I’m pretty sure that many people already know about all these tricks but still – what if not? If there is at least one person who learn something – it was worth it. Remember about keeping your hardware clean and in good condition.



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